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Serhiy Kasyanchuk

Serhiy Kasyanchuk

Serhiy Kasyanchuk

Director | UWC Mission to Ukraine, Ukrainian World Congress

Serhiy Kasyanchuk earned an undergraduate degree in Economic Cybernetics from Lviv National University and a Masters degree in Political Science from Ukrainian Free University, Munich, Germany.

As a volunteer, Serhiy Kasyanchuk has extensive experience working with many Ukrainian international and local organizations, including the UWC Board of Directors, Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC) Board of Directors and Executive Committee, League of Ukrainian Canadians, Ukrainian Canadian Social Services, Canadian Ukrainian Immigrant Aid Society and UCC Toronto Branch.

Since 2004, Serhiy Kasyanchuk has been a key organizer of election observer missions to monitor the electoral process in Ukraine and has been a strong rights advocate for Ukrainian citizens and new immigrants living outside Ukraine. In 2009, Serhiy Kasyanchuk represented the Ukrainian community in Canada at the parliamentary hearings in Ukraine titled “The Ukrainian diaspora: present state and future potential for cooperation.” He has also participated in numerous international conferences and congresses of the Ukrainian diaspora.

In 2012, Serhiy Kasyanchuk was ordained to the Diaconate of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church.

He is currently the Director of the Ukrainian World Congress Mission to Ukraine in Kyiv.