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By-laws regarding Triennial Congress:

The Chair of the Triennial Congress shall be chosen at the meeting by those Delegates present and entitled to vote at the meeting

One hundred (100) Delegates shall constitute a quorum at the Triennial Congress

Only Delegates have a right to vote. The right to vote in the Triennial Congress shall be extended to fifty (50) Delegates from each Category A Member Organization and twenty-five (25) Delegates from each Category B Member Organization, Provincial Council, Qualified Branch and Branch.

Delegates at the Triennial Congress shall each have only one vote.

The voting shall be decided by a show of hands, unless a count or secret ballot is demanded by a Delegate (before or after a show of hands) and approved by the Triennial Congress.

No voting by proxy will be permitted at the Triennial Congress.

Participation at the Triennial Congress may not be by telephonic, electronic or other communication facility.

“Delegate” means an accredited representative of a Member Organization.

“Youth” means any representative (voting and non-voting) that is under 30 years old.